Produce Freshies
$$ Save Money $$

Just place our Produce Freshies "Super Fresh" packets in refrigerator bins and shelves.

Use in fruit bowl and foliage of fresh cut flowers.

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Produce Freshies "Super Fresh" Packets with Our Patented Organic Power Pellets WILL Save You $$Money$$ by Keeping your Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Fresher Longer 

These Power Packets WILL Double the Life of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Scientific Test shows Tomatoes outside of refrigerator; 1st day to 19 days then 27 days.

Tomatoes with our Packet absolutely WINS!

Each Produce Freshies Organic "Super Fresh" Packet lasts 3 months while in use. Store in air-tight container and they will last 2 years!

After Use, simply toss in any waste receptacle OR cut Packet open and sprinkle the Organic Power Pellets in any soil as they are now an Organic Fertilizer.