Produce Freshies Patented Organic Power Pellets "Super Fresh" Packets were Food Scientist, University and Lab Tested

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Produce Freshies was featured on The Food Network Channel on a show called "Invention Hunters."
A Food Scientist tested Produce Freshies during the show, proving they work without a shadow of a doubt.

Produce Freshies Organic Power Pellets In Our "Super Fresh" Packets WILL Save You Money on Your Fresh Fruits and Vegetables!

Our Produce Freshies "Super Fresh" Packets can be used in or out of the refrigerator.
The paper and ink on our packets are FDA approved.

Produce Freshies are Proudly Made in the USA

What is Produce Freshies?

Produce Freshies "Super Fresh" Packets are very Safe and Environmentally Friendly!

The Patented Organic Power Pellets in our Packets help control molds, rots, bacteria and absorbs odors.

Active ingredient: Potassium Permanganate.

The material in our Produce Freshies is an organic production of food processing and handling according to the USDA National Organic Program Rules. The American Lung Association also approves its use.

These packets are environmentally safe. After use, feel free to toss in any trash can---OR---sprinkle the Organic Power Pellets in any soil as they are now an Organic Fertilizer!

Our all-natural Produce Freshies "Super Fresh" packets absorb Ethylene gas (occurs naturally in nature and air), slowing down the natural decaying process of your fresh fruits and vegetables.
Ethylene gas is what causes your produce to ripen and spoil way too fast, causing us all to have to throw our hard-earned money right into the trash.                               
Ethylene gas is a naturally occurring ripening agent in nature and air. It is odorless, tasteless and harmless, unless you are a fruit or vegetable. You can use our packets in your fruit bowl and nestle our packets in the foliage of your fresh cut flowers.
These powerful organic "Super Fresh" packets, when placed in the foliage of fresh cut flowers, absorbs the Ethylene gas to help prevent the petals from opening too fast and helps prevent the leaves from turning brown and falling off too soon.

Lab Tests using Packet outside of refrigerator.